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Support our work at PETS Ltd. 
  • Join the Spay-A-Month Club and sponsor a spay or neuter each month for only $50. 
  • Sponsor a Spay Day with a donation of $500 for a day of surgeries. 
  • Sponsor a rabies vaccine ($5), or rabies and distemper vaccines ($15) each month for rescued or feral animals. Donate $50 for surgical supplies for one clinic (sutures, anesthesia, gloves, etc.). 
  • Donate $100 for a set of surgical instruments. 
  • Tag-a-Deer: Funds desperately needed for doe sterilization program in Fairfax City. We have sterilized and ear-tagged 17 deer in Fairfax City. They are enjoying life and are not reproducing. This program offers a permanent solution to deer management, unlike bow hunting which is inhumane and has to be repeated year after year. Please consider contributing $50 or more to convert a fertile doe to a sterilized tagged doe.  
  • If you can't give money, consider contributing small items such as paper towels, distilled water, Clorox wipes, etc. 
  • DESPERATE NEED: Help by feeding one or more existing cat colonies once a week. Foster a young kitten from a feral mom or a rescue kitty while a rescue group seeks a permanent home. 
  • DESPERATE NEED: Donate food for a feral cat colony. 
  • Contribute your time by helping at a Spay Day, or by transporting animals. 
  • If you have some vet assistance experience, volunteer to help at our clinic. 
  • If you are a government employee, designate PETS Ltd., #45860, to receive your Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) contribution. 

For more information on any of the above ideas, or for other ways to help, please contact us.

PETS Ltd. Inc.  
P.O Box 7175
Fairfax Station, VA 22039 

Email us by clicking here.

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